VCCM Conference

The international market for rare, collectable and classic cars has become a multi-billion dollar economy in a relatively short space of time. Unprecedented performance combined with a tremendous ability to remain unaffected by natural economic influences, has made collectors, investors and enthusiasts sit up and take notice.

These trends are generating an insatiable appetite for information into the forces driving this relatively new economy. Value drivers of this economy were relatively unknown until Dietrich Hatlapa and the Historical Automobile Group International first began to collect meaningful and reliable data in 2007, leading to the establishment of the world renowned HAGI Indices and Value in the Classic Car Market conference (VCCM). The HAGI Indices are published monthly while the VCCM, until now, has only been held, annually, in the United States.

Although HAGI can be credited with providing a sense of meaning to this market internationally, little has been done to address the unique set of circumstances faced by South African collectors and investors, of which there are many.

The organisers of Concours South Africa are filling this need by providing a platform that will address the lack of insight and information into this global value phenomenon, in a South African context. The organisers have partnered with HAGI to provide a first of its kind VCCM conference on African soil.